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Humor is when you can laugh anyway

Do not take yourself too seriously and laugh often and hard.  That is my basic recommendation and I have a natural talent for providing the situations that let me and others laugh – hard.  Yes, I know this is a lot harder to put into daily practice because so many events seem to be outside the things we can affect and they seem to happen to us rather than you being able to do anything about it.  Well, it comes down to using your power of choice and actively choose looking at events at a different light even if you have to laugh / smile later.  This has key health benefits besides of also having

Take for instance the one time when I hurried through the Memphis airport and I went to the rest room.  As I was sitting in the stall I was looking down to my right and my left and to my surprise I was looking at high heel pumps.  In my rush I had mistakenly gone into the ladies room.  When the voices disappeared in the room I bolted out of the room and even managed getting to my flight on time.  That was embarrassing but nowadays this story makes me laugh any time that I think about it. 

Many years ago I ended up forgetting that the local river had flooded and I turned my old car into the floating pontoon because I went over a berm way too fast and could not brake in time.  It did not float for long but I did manage to get the car back out of the river.  One thing that amazes me to this day is how fast the water went into the car, but how much of it stayed inside.  I had to drill holes into the rocker panels in order to finally drain it all.  Unfortunately, in the wintry months following the incident I had to scrape the windows on the outside and inside.  Now this story makes me smile, which back then not so much. 

Laughter is therapeutic in more ways than one.  It takes for you to just starting to pay attention for the things that you can provide for yourself or the ones that happen around you.  Funny self-depreciating humor provides you also with great ice breakers for social event and especially when you are in sales or a public speaker. 

Have fun having fun,


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