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Does hardship make you a better person?

When I reflect upon my own life’s journey I would have to say that going through hard times have made me a better and well-rounded person (no pun intended).  At times our family and I personally had to stretch really far out.  For instance our dad accrued so much debt that for at least two winters we ran out of heating fuel.  Just to take a bath my mom had to heat up water on a wood stove one pot at a time.  We had to pull together and go to the woods to collect fire wood that was only free if you did not cut trees down.  It was embarrassing as it was enlightening how little money we needed in order to survive and to have tons of fun along the way.  I did not have the money to get my vehicles fixed elsewhere and I had to learn how to do this myself.  The same was true for the many home and house hold items that needed to be maintained or fixed.

How does this make you any better?  Well, it is the stretch that provides your brain with two important stimulations:  For one you get to realize that you can always push the envelope a bit more than you thought.  The second item is that you get a rush from you having achieved something difficult.  That is the same reason why mountain climbers keep climbing mountains, why runners keep running marathons, etc.  Do not seek comfort, always seek a challenge.


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