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Avoid living in regret

My supporting cast members in Philly’s Chinatown

One sentence that you will surely never hear from people on their deathbed is that they wished they could have spent more time at the office when they had a chance to do so.  When we regret things it is typically more about something quite opposite:  Spending more time with people whom we love and value the most.  It is the quality time that we often wished we could be with our key folks.  This wishful thinking brings along plenty of stress.  How often do you think that you have done an inferior job being a great mom or dad, aunt or uncle, etc? 

This thought is also providing much of the answer:  Stop the wishful thinking as soon as possible.  Give your brain some time to really think about the choices that you are making every day.  We are designed to live a balanced life.  Then life – especially our business one – gets in our way and we no longer have time.  What you are really doing to yourself is that you are telling yourself that you do not have time.  But that is because you are not making an active choice to make time for the things that are important to you. 

So here goes the challenge:  Next time that you get a chance spending more time with your loved ones, ponder what you would miss if you did not go.  Now make an active choice to re-arrange your work and social schedule and make it happen.  Not only does this feel great, but you will be able to live a more balanced life – without regret. 


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