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Individualism and diversity are close friends


Much like the pictures above we are complex individuals, sometimes a little out of focus, a little broken, perhaps we do not make sense to others and maybe cannot make sense of life ourselves.  Who has not felt that way for even a little while?  Life is tough, a constant stretch that can be overwhelming at times when we stay focused on the micro level.  We can get mired down in the muck as we spin our wheels to make it through another tough day at work.  Live to work, and work to live.  Family life can represent its own challenges.  Relatives are the people who are the closest to us and sometimes that is a little too close and when we hurt, the pain is especially intense because of the closeness.  When our health fails us we begin to break inside and outside.  Let’s face it, life is pretty messy and that must be why we invest so much money into our outward appearance with make-up, weight loss methods, plastic surgery, flashy clothes, etc.  You are still the one though who knows that we are all a little broken somewhere. 

Shift your focus to the macro level and you will notice a remarkable shift change.  When you put all of the pieces together you get a beautiful mosaic that will illuminate the people and all of a sudden make much more sense.  That is the mosaic of life as it resembles us humans and our sense of community.  It is a symbol for how important individualism and supporting diversity are.  Imagine yourself as part of the mosaic.  You are never really alone, no matter how little, big, interesting, broken, odd shaped, etc you are.  It is this diversity that makes us all part of something really beautiful and overall stronger. 


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