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Believe what I believe, or I will kill you

I am not sure if you have been following the court case of Mr Breivik in Norway you killed a total of 77 people because they were endangering his country’s mono culture.  If not, you should because there are many different people and organizations worldwide that think, feel and act similarly.  Though it could be argued that the person in question may be insane enough such that he will spend the rest of his life in a closed psychiatry facility, the jury is literally still out on that.  Where is the fine thin line between sanity and insanity?  Where the even thinner line that separates how much radicalism is too much?  The answer should be that no one should cause anyone any physical or psychological harm.  Yet, the harsh weekly reality has been that there are many people who crossed the line all the way. 

How many folks have you encountered that hold very radical views and try imposing them on you and the folks around them?  It makes me wonder often how many of them would be capable of snapping and doing harm based merely on different beliefs and core values.  If you are like most of us, we tend to ignore and avoid people like this and that partially explains why some perpetrators are not caught well in time before anything dramatic happens.  Recent shootings here in the States, hate crimes in Germany and France unfortunately seems to prove me correct on this. 

Really upsetting is when religious groups follow a path of radicalism.  I do not care what denomination you follow, but you had better allow for tolerance, temperance, empathy, compassion to never permit you hurting others when you practice your own beliefs.   Humans have a long history of struggling with affording people with different beliefs their own freedom.  Just think back to the times of the medieval crusades and then later the time period of the Inquisition and also of course Hitler’s and Stalin’s terror.  Any time that dogmatic views come in sight, misery follows for another fraction of humans.  In part we our country owes this phenomenon part of its existence and have afforded us with the beautiful multi cultural society of today. 

This is a mere request to ponder what your tolerance level is for radical people and getting actively involved when they cross the line and start bullying others.  Prevention is the key to avoiding major regrets and excuses later – for you and society. 


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