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Doing versus Being

There is more to life than just merely “doing”.  I am sure you know it well, the very first time you meet with new people you need to introduce yourself.  What follows it has been perplexing me more and more:  “So, what do you do?”  Would it not be much more meaningful asking who you are?  The doing is so much more important in our society than anything else.  Many of us equate job and career to who you are and what you are worth.  In fact there seems to be a direct link to what we value.  The bottom line and the value that is in it for us dominate our thinking pattern.  What we wear, drive, where we live, where we work and the influential people we know drives our perception of self-worth.  Of course that also drives what we think of others.  Overall it is typically driven by what we do for living.

Is this all your life is really worth?  How about your values and beliefs?  How about your passions and talents?  How about the omni-important question of living your life on purpose?  I bet many of the above criteria are not driven by what you do now.  When over 75% of working people are not happy with their current jobs and careers is it not hard to believe that it matters much what you do?  A good reason why we keep starting conversations out like this is simply that it is easy – just as easy as talking about the weather or sports.

My call for action to you is to attempt asking folks who they are when you meet them for the first time.  It makes a huge difference and you may be surprised how much different your conversation may turn out.  If for nothing else I would bet your conversation will be a little longer too and you will have made a long lasting more positive impression on your new acquaintance.

Good luck!


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