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Truth fears no question

I am not sure where I heard this one, but I believe in it all the way.  How many long winded answers have you listened to in your life time leaving you wondering if the story is actually true?  My sensors go into overdrive when I am giving a longer than needed answer.  This also goes hand in hand with another old adage of one being better off doing things right the first time and an old German one of lies having short legs (thus the truth outrunning the lie with a wink of an eye). 

Sticking to the truth has many advantages.  For one, you do not have to have a super computer for trying to remember all the stuff you have told people in your live.  Take pride and joy in the fact that you do not have to pretend anything.  Then there is the mere time factor.  Lies take up a lot of time to keep in line and worse when they explode in your face the clean-up – if it is even possible – will take a long time explaining why you did not do things the better route in the first place.  Regaining the trust – if that is even an option – is most likely a process taking years to do. 

Yes, I know, some folks seemingly get away with their big fat lies a lot and perhaps even for a long time.  One thing for you to ponder is how many were able to perpetuate this in a long term sustainable fashion and were able making a business out of it?  When was the last time you have seen a statue being erected for a good liar (Baron Münchhausen does not count)? 


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