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The polar opposite of Love is not Hatred

Have you ever pondered how we – and especially politicians – like to polarize our views?  Well, the other day I pondered what the opposite of Love is.  Hate sprang to mind, but it did not feel right.  That is not it.  It is indifference.  Think about this in your romantic and also work related relationships.  Yes, when you severely dislike working with someone it can be very stressful.  When these folks however could not care less about you and your feelings then you are running into emptiness and there is no traction anywhere. 

Love and Hate are very closely related cousins.  Both come with emotions.  Very strong emotions and when dialog ensues and less ego is present Hate can turn back into Love.  That is why we say both are so close together.  The real problem maker is Indifference.  You can never gain traction again. 

Should this happen to you there is a key question to ask when a heated discussion ensues and you are no longer sure if your relationship is salvageable:  “No that our journey seems to be coming to an end, can you please tell me at what time I veered off course and what it was that I should have done differently.”  When you listen (that means your mouth is closed and not moving) think on your feet and listen for new and old revelations that you could change or do immediately.  Whatever your partner tells you is the roadmap of your possible path together again.  You need to just make sure that that is what you wanted in the first place. 


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