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Blogging – how do you do it?

I am really glad I finally started blogging.  It is a great creative outlet and an even better way for me to give back to society.  It would be selfish keeping all the painfully accumulated bits and pieces of experiences to myself.  A short while ago a few folks have begun asking me questions about how to do it and how do I have time writing them. 

Most people start with the how do I do this from the technology point of view.  It is more valuable though more upfront work starting with why you want to do and and what you would like to convey.  That is like painting a room in the house:  70% prep work, slapping the paint on the wall is not so hard anymore and it goes quickly.  Then you pick a blog spot provider such as www.Wordpress.com .  Checking out all the design and tie-in options are all part of the tedious set up process.  Linking to at least Twitter and Facebook is probably the easiest though.  Trust me, the hours worth of putting up with setting up shop will be worth it. 

Now it is time to develop content.  Do you have a passion and talents?  Here is the perfect time to let it roll.  Nothing beats your own voice and expertise showing up in your writing.  Do not just write about popular stuff or heaven forbid copying ideas from others.  Rich, genuine and funny content is what readers are looking for.  That is the single biggest piece to getting people to like and follow you. 

When do you find time to write?  First things first.  If you are not the fastest typist, you may want to check out Ten Thumbs , a typing tutoring program.  I type so much faster now after having used this service.  If you are truly typing challenged then you can also consider a dictation software like Dragon .  It takes your voice and types it into word processing or social media documents or sites automatically.  Even with my heavy accent this works pretty well and can be the jumping board to recording your Vod or Pod Casts.  More of that another time, but this at least deals with increasing your personal efficiency. 

Last but not least, when do you find time writing blogs?  Pick your most creative time of the day and bang out one or more blogs during that time.  Most blogging software allows delivering content automatically and you have thus the opportunity to generate a blog post funnel for rainy days.  Lunch breaks, half an hour before bed time, etc are always spots where you used to think you could not do it.  Increase your typing efficiency and you will be able to hammer out blogs like you would not believe. 

Do not assume that just because you can publish a post every  day that you have to do that.  No one but yourself puts that burden on you but yourself.  One caveat is that once you start you are on the hook for creating predictability.  That means that if you post every week on a Tuesday, you had better keep that going.  Anyone following you will have this most basic expectation level. 

Now you need to do the most important thing there is about blogging:  You have got to start!  The sooner the better. 


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