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Nobody cares – at first

Participating in social media and then later perhaps blogging and creating other Web content can be scary thought.  Biggest fear:  What will people think of me?  What will people expect of me?  Will I humiliate myself?  Will it put too much pressure on me?  What if I make people upset? 

I venture saying that you will be blown away by how few people will pay any attention to you.  Granted, some of that is clearly related to the mechanics of topic, placement and your initial amount of connections in the social media world.  Another important item not to forget is that there is so much chatter everywhere and that means your content had better be genuine.  I am still surprised how few people take notice – at first.  Just because your blogging software shows 1 view per day, does not necessarily mean this is true.  Especially when you link content to mail systems and other social media sites, you may be surprised how many people comment about your posts and you thought no one read them.  Keep it up and going.  Sometimes a witty headline makes all the difference in the world to one of your readers. 


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