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The tiresome issue of climate change – Shift your focus instead

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Chances are that you are also quite tired of the polarized battle between folks who argue that it exists and the ones that it does not.  Most of the time I think some of these battleax swinging folks (on both sides of the spectrum) start with a conclusion and find a way to justify it.  What a fallacy!  Why not park the question whether or not it exists for a while and shift your focus to asking different questions.  Here would be such examples:  How can you leave our following generations a more sustainable world?  Knowing that there are so many better ways to be a good steward of our resources you could ask yourself: Is what we are doing right now the best – or better – way, or how can it be improved?

Keeping asking ourselves whether or not climate changes exists will likely not make anyone better off. Rather than losing time and nerves getting tangled up in a relatively fruitless argument, we can make a huge difference every day by making better decisions.  Think of how many choices you need to make on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Whether or not you ponder if and what you can recycle to what car or house you need to buy, there a good, better and best answers when you reflect upon the question of what more YOU can do to help stretch out resources and making life more sustainable.

Let there be no illusion:  We live in a closed system.  Some resources are more limited than others and all of those will not come or grow back.  Think about what kind of legacy you want to leave behind and what your children (and the generations following them) might say about our generation.  What will we be known for?  What would your best guess be? Finally ask yourself this question: What more can I do?


PS: Our generation will be recalled as being the one that…..  Try finishing this sentence for me. 

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