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At what point do we adults lose our sense of wonder?

The older you get, the more experiences you get, the less risks you take and the less you make time to wonder about the inane details of you daily life.  I am not sure where on the time line of being a toddler to being an adult we do lose our sense of wonder for the simple things in life, but we do lose it.  Some of us lose more or less.  Good thing is that we are human and that means that you can teach your brain to listen to the choices it creates for you.  You just need to make time for looking at your thoughts and then to occasionally choose fun and spending a moment looking at a detail that you would have normally overlooked. 

Remember watching children play with soap bubbles?  They can play with that stuff for hours.  In fact, bubbles are great for little children when they are crying and within a split second they look at the bubbles in wonder and stop crying.  What is not to love about the bubbles?  First comes the liquid and you dip the ring into it.  With a little action on your part you turn the liquid into a different form that then proceeds to do another thing we humans can only do with help of technology:  Flight.  The bubble itself is magical as the surface changes constantly.  The outward skin shows images that look like continents, states, faces, clouds, and your mind can imagine so much more.  Then the bubble disappears with a “pop” leaving nothing more than a memory. 

You benefit from the ensuing experience in multiple ways.  You slow down and thus allow fewer and deeper thoughts to occur to you.  Your choosing brain exercise comes in handy in other work and social situations.  Choosing rationally and intellectually instead of emotionally and based on feeling will defuse many potentially bad arguments.  You use your imagination and thus your creativity rises with it (never a bad thing).  You connect with other people on a deeper level. 

What is stopping you?  When you get a chance buy a soap bubble bottle and have at it.   


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