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If you want to lead – read!

Leadership is not only limited to your business life by the way, we lead our families, children, at church and so many other places.  A key element to expanding your leadership skills is to read.  Read like a fool when it comes to relevant books, magazines, e-zines, blogs, white papers and whatever interests you.  The more you read, the more you will recognize patterns.  These patterns revolve around some really interesting findings about what makes you a good leader:

  1. Know your stuff.  Great leaders know their specialty and offer theirs readily and freely.
  2. Park your ego.  Think and act rationally and do not let your lizard brain act based on feeling alone.
  3. Delegate as much as you can.  Hire people that are smarter than you are.
  4. Be fair, genuine and sincere 24/7/365.
  5. Communicate your vision, mission and goals until your lips fray.  You can never over communicate.
  6. Read about trends, history and any other topics relevant to leadership and leading your area of responsibility successfully.
  7. Plan ahead.  Make short term and long term goals visible and let your peers, team members, employees ponder this together with you.
  8. Collaborate with your own folks, area experts and any other possible and relevant entity.
  9. Provide a fun and safe environment for your folks.
  10. Wield your power wisely.  Provide just as much authority right along with the responsibilities that people have.
  11. Focus on strengths and not weaknesses.  You can barely manage your own weaknesses, so do not expect others do be able to do better.
  12. How many more attributes can you fill in? Please share and comment.

The moment you set out to aim becoming better at leading someone or something pick out a list of recommended reads.  Do not forget to intersect a few fun reads too.  A change of pace and variety will do wonders from time to time.  Try reading a book a week, or at least make a commitment reading at least one book per month.  How am I going to read this much you ask?  It was not easy for me either at the beginning.  I went on a speed read site that has helped me increase my speed from 300 to over 800 words per minute.  Experience the pattern of leadership that just about any subject matter experts repeatedly writes about and increase your leadership capability along the way.


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