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Who can create jobs?

There seems to be the notion that government and companies can create jobs.  Really?  How can anyone “create” jobs?  Government cannot create jobs but it can create a fertile ground for businesses to generate sales through subsidies and of course a plethora of other incentives. Companies need to have enough sales and work in order to start hiring folks.  No one that I know of is creating jobs for the sake of creating jobs.  Even if that existed, it would not be sustainable in the long run.

In the right conditions the job market gets a shot in the arm from mainly two impulses:  The state of the economy for one thing.  With more work and investments going around for everybody there shall be more jobs for more people.  The other main job motor, if you will, is the drive of companies to innovate.  Only who innovates and tries staying ahead of the game will get a chance at providing a little more job security for all stake holders and also being able to hire more employees.


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