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What do you want to hear from experts?

Oh boy, this is a tough one.  I venture saying that you already know what the so called expert is going to tell you.  That is the ironic thing with seeking expert advice.  Most situations have deteriorated so badly by the time that you need advice that it is too late to do anything yourself, but in essence you already know how you got there and the basic options that are available to you to make everything better.  The biggest wrinkle is whether or not you know what you want and what to choose when the expert presents you with some tough choices.

Two areas are especially troublesome if you do not know what your main objective and goal is.  When you need expert medical or judicial help you really need to have your stuff together.  I have been observing this in dramatic detail when my mom and mom in law were stricken with cancer and they had to make some really tough choices.  Fortunately they did know what they wanted to happen and when they wanted to stop with treatment and just die in peace at the hospice.  Tough choices they were, but it turned out to be a blessing that both had pondered their choices well ahead of time and shared the outcome with family.  Just think about the issues that can arise when you are no longer well enough to make decisions on your own and when you can no longer voice them.  No attorney or doctor will be able to help anyone and they are the experts.  Do you thinks all your relatives would know what to do?  Scary thought, huh?

Do not fret this situation.  The way out of this is to have a plan that represents the choices and decisions that you would like for your family to abide by.  The next thing is to share this plan with your friends and family members.  Only then go to the experts (I like the word specialists better actually) and ask for advice.  Continue with the planning and when you are happy with it execute the plan.  Review your choices frequently and make corrections if need be.  No matter what topic it is.  Good luck!


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