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Pick your passion and the money will follow

When I grew up and the time came to pick a job that I wanted to apply for my grandparents and parents told me the following:  “Boy, you need to finish school, get a good apprenticeship, get a good job, get married, buy a house and have kids”.  I could not believe it that that was the simple recipe for life and everyone was supposed to live happily ever after.  That is a far cry from what is going on nowadays.  The plan seems to be more like get a job and the moment that you have built up enough experience you move on to the next company or carrier.  I guess all the get rich quick schemes have made a lasting impression on us, but I could not disagree more with it.

The best practice that you may want to consider is to take a good portion of time and spend it in solitude.  That means no phone, TV, cell phone etc.  Now take a blank pieces of paper and really think hard about the talents you have.  Also, think about what you really like doing during the day and the things that give you energy.  What creates a state of flow for you?  Do not think about what you can do well right now, or the experience you have built up.  I know, it is only a small difference, but it is a really important one.

One deals with a state of doing the other with a state of being.  The latter one is the one that can give you energy while you work and would you not agree that there are better results when you really like your job?  That is why I picked the headline:  Pick something that you are passionate about and the money that you want to earn will really follow you automatically.  In fact, the salary/ wage you earn will be more a measurement as to how well you are doing.  Do you want to live to work, or work to live?  Work should not define you as a person; it should help you accentuate who you are to begin with.


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