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Be the blacksmith of your life’s destiny

Much like ancient Samurai sword makers you have the opportunity ever day to shape your destiny and the majority of how your life will turn out much like they shaped and toughened their swords.  The analogy that I am drawing from is simply how many centuries ago these craftsmen refined steel with only simple methods and yet they achieved manufacturing some of the toughest and sharpest weapons to date.  This is less about weapons than it is about how you have been given the opportunity to make the best out of live with really simple methods.

Swords must be tough, able to withstand severe impacts, remain sharp and still be as light as possible.  Achieving this with the iron that was mined back in the day was pretty tough.  How blacksmiths did this was by layering different grades of steel to make the inner part softer providing durability and the outer part hard and sharp.  Iron of that vintage had many impurities.  In order to get rid of them the craftsman had to keep heating the iron and then fold and pound it over and over to literally pound out the impurities just to then put it into cold water to quench and thus heat treat the steel. It was a long and labor intensive process that took many, many hours.

Here is where I would like for you to ponder this and apply it to your life for a moment.  There are also many things that need to be reconsidered, thought about and hammered out (pun intended).  Every day comes rich with new challenges and you need to make a choice to take them on and then to deal with them.  Here is the prime opportunity for you to shape your life, making it durable, sharp and tough enough to withstand the things that are thrown into your way.  Are you ready to turn up the heat and keep taking a swing at it?


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