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Product development – a project that starts with a name

Nothing works as a better catalyst for a project (any project for that matter) than thinking of and then giving it a name.  At a time when branding is the omni-important name of the game in business and for you as a person it is sometimes really tough to agree on a product or service brand name.  That is the time when to not worry about the final version of your new idea.  Instead get your team together and resort to give this a temporary name that needs to be catchy, creative, embody the essence of your concept and then waste no time officially calling it by that name.  In fact sometimes it is better not to call it by its commercial and final brand name.  You certainly would not want to let your competition in on what you are doing too early, would you?

  1. The benefits of having a project name are numerous:
  2. It defines your mission and purpose.  Your team members waste no more time discussing the meaning.
  3. It fosters quick communication when referring to your project in verbal and written communication.
  4. It helps focus team members on how to name the final product.
  5. It fosters trust amongst the whole organization.  Having a project name makes it less ambiguous for all other non-involves company employees.

It is all in the name.


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