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Save some time – Bad ideas and concepts go away by themselves

I am sure you know this scenario:  In a meeting there are some people who are floating what you believe really bad ideas.  Perhaps the worst come out during so called “brain storms”.  You feel like the storm must have been a hurricane because the ideas are so bad.  You fear that these ideas may take shape and turn into actual projects or strategies.  Then you do what can turn into a potential time such that may even derail the whole meeting.

The way out of this is simply taking a long breath and letting go of your desire to inject your opinion as to how bad someone else’s idea is.  The vast majority of these concepts will not survive the first meeting all on their own.  Reason being that they are so bad that they are getting flushed out by either the individual her/ himself or by virtue of the group’s critique.  The rest go away in further meetings.  Truly sustainable are only ideas and concepts that can carry their own weight in a given corporate culture amongst team members that jointly as a group can see the common good of it.  Listen to any idea and move on with the agenda, save some time that way and nerves too.


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