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Stop doing, shake your globe, ponder, dream, start reaching your full potential – live on purpose and do it with a smile!

How tall is a tree supposed to grow? How about your growth?

Photo: Ralf Weiser

How tall is a tree supposed to grow?  How about your growth?

This question was one that motivational guru Jim Rohn and later my mentor Dr. Tom Hill put in front of me.  Well, what is your answer?  The best answer is “As tall as it can.”  The premise of this rhetorical question is that we have infinite growth ahead of us and yet we rarely reach our full potential.  We put our brakes on way too early.  My call to action today is to ponder whether or not YOU have grown your potential to its fullest.  Then do yourself the greatest favor and DO something about what you find is in your way, or finding and following your passion.  Your life is such a great gift that you owe it to you and the ones around you to make the best of it.   It would be selfish to keep it to yourself.  What are you waiting for?  Grow as tall as YOU can!


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