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Being human is all about feelings – You need them more than you think

Being human is all about feelings – You need them more than you think

Would it not be cool to be like Mr Spock or Data from the Star Trek franchise?  Just rational thought guides you through life and any sign of trouble.  I am not sure about you, but I find the thought appealing – sometimes.  The ironic thing is that you need to tap into your feelings such that you can assign a value and sense of priority to anything you do.  Only if you know how you feel about something can you finally engage rational thought and move forward to make it happen.

So far the good news.  Bad news about feelings is that they come from a region of the brain that also regulates our responses to threats.  When we feel threatened, this survival motivated thinking pattern is almost instinctual and thus can take over our rational thinking and hijack it and any actions that follow until we allow rational thought to finally occur again.  That is how road rage and mobs can happen and escalate in a heartbeat.

What can you take away from this?  Simply this:  You need to look out for how you feel about any given situation in your life.  Embrace them; they make you human and put the spice of life into your journey.  Just do not give in to them all the way too fast.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself what your Grandma would say if you told her about your initial response.  Chances are that she would have given you THE look.  Another good thing to do in case you are engulfed in a confrontation is to break away from it and take a walk – just a quick 5 minutes one through the neighborhood or the company/ business park will do wonders.  All you need is some time to rationalize what happened and how insignificant things really are in the big scheme of things.  No one can make that choice for you.  You need to choose your response and act based on active thought – not feeling or instinct alone.


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