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God did not err when he made you – Your choices define your journey

One of the most important things to realize in life is that we humans have been blessed with two things that no other being possesses:  We have the power to make choices and we have been blessed with power to know what is right, or at least the best choice.  How much more powerful does this get?  The wrinkle in all of this is that choices can be made from rational thought or based on feeling and instinct/ reflex.

The latter is the more volatile one stemming from part of your brain that is very primal and thus relates to jumping into fight or flight mode.  Not a good position to make good and long term sustainable decisions from.  How do you think celebrities like e.g. Lindsay Lohan go completely astray even though they have seemingly everything they could ever want?  Take a deep breath and let a moment go by and look at the thoughts that come to mind.  Do not look from the thought.  You lose when you get too emotionally involved in the thought process.

At the end of the day what make you YOU is the choices you make.  First of all, make a choice; that is why they are there.  Then make sure that they are well thought out.  This allows for a good conscience letting you go to sleep easily and deeply.


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