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The power of calm leadership – Invitation to watch “Das Boot”

“Das Boot” was the title of the mid-eighties German movie about a German U-boat crew in WWII.  In it the skipper tried to protect his crew as best he could under the circumstances.  His leadership had a key element in it that is something to behold:  He exuded calmness in even the most hairy circumstances.  His crew picked up on it and stayed calm also.  No riot or panic, just duty on their minds and rational thought prevailed.

This is something you need not be blessed with from birth on.  You can learn this skill and all it takes is practice.  Let it be at work or at home there are many opportunities in which your leadership skills are required.  Try them out as much as you can.  When a crisis arises make a good mental list of all the good and bad things that can happen.  Think this through with rational thought and do not succumb to feelings of panic.  Run through these scenarios and develop your preferred plan A and B.  When the time comes select the better one and execute it firmly.  Even if not every detail is not completely honed out, make sure to deliver your stuff confidently – not cocky, but confidently.  Not only will you make it through a crisis with better results, but your leadership skills will be recognized.  Sooner or later you will be bestowed with more challenges that will help build up your experience and ultimately advance your job, income and even family status.


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