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Power outages make us powerless

Photo: Ralf Weiser

Ever noticed how a bad weather induced power outage leaves us utterly powerless?  Half of us do not even know what to do with ourselves.  Read?  Play?  No heat, phone, TV, computers etc.  Just you and perhaps friends and families.  When the neighborhood cranks up the generators some lights finally go back on and it is quite noisy outside.  Now, let the outage go on a little longer and you now run out of gas.  You ought to have seen the line of cars at the gas stations that had power.  Wow!  Then the long lines of folks that want to get some food and pay for gas at the local convenience stores.  Take a good look next time this happens (heaven forbid).  It is a scary preview to what would happen during an outage that lasts longer than a couple of days.

What you can do though is being prepared for at least the most basic power outages:

  1. Make sure you have flashlights with fresh batteries around.
  2. Have a few candles or oil lamps around.
  3. If you must, than get a generator so you can at least protect your food to not go bad in your freezer or fridges.
    1. If you need a little more comfort and it must be a bigger generator get yourself set up with an automatic or manual power switch.  Trust me, you do not want to mess around with wet wires in the dark at night during a storm.
    2. Have at least two cans of fresh gas around.
  4. If you have a fire place, always have a little extra supply of fire wood around.
  5. Always have your cell phone charged.  You never know if that thing can is the only connection to the world when your main phone stops working.
  6. Have your TV on and tuned in so you can receive disaster warnings.
  7. Always have more than a quarter tank of gas in your car(s).
  8. Have a good book and some games around.  You will not believe how quickly you can run out of things to do.
  9. Fill your tub with water ahead of time even if you have public water.  Running out of water is not funny at all.

10. Have some food and drinks around for at least two to three days at all times.  Going on a hunt for food when stores have no power is also not a fun leisure time activity.

11. Got more tips?  Please share in the comment section.


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