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Interruption marketers are raping my/ your ear

We have enjoyed being on the “do not call list”.  If you are not on it, I strongly suggest that you go on it immediately.  Here is where you can start doing this:  https://www.donotcall.gov/register/reg.aspx   Occasionally I still get one or the other caller, but the constant barrage of annoying so called cold calls had all but stopped.  In the world of the Web and Smart Phone we will call you and when you call us then you had better know us very well.

My headline was intentionally brutally honest.  The days are numbered when some poor cold caller needed to prey on unsuspecting citizens just getting ready to have dinner.  We are being bombarded by junk mail, junk e-mail, TV ads, commercials and so much more every day.  We get so much information from our contacts and when you do indeed need some help finding insurance, doctors, craftsmen, auto repair shops etc then most of us look around our friends and family first and then the Internet.

Of course, I do like speaking with the sales associates that somehow do come through.  It lets me hone my negotiation and communication skills.  Fair is fair, you take some of my precious time and I learn from your mistakes.  How much better would it be if companies like this invested in providing some actual value and branding through expertise that they put up on Facebook, LinkedIn, their own web site etc.  I call this inviting the customer to buy instead of pushing them.

Besides of getting rid of pesky callers, you can also make good use of your TV DVR and other devices to keep out the interruptive commercial messaging.  How about magazines?  Most are packed with advertisements and do yourself a favor and count the pages with ads versus actual helpful content.  It is no wonder that the printed world is in so much trouble.  Cancel the subscription if there are more ads than content.  That is the only way how today’s marketers will listen to the consumer.  Another cool tip is dealing with avoiding spam mail.  I maintain multiple mail addresses with a few different providers.  I use one particular one with which I order online stuff.  Guess what:  That address gets the most junk mail.  By using an address that you know is not used for your regular mails you can delete or ignore the majority of mails in bulk.  Was this helpful?  Always trying to stir up your snow globe to see how we can make our world a better place.


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