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Why I turned to blogging and writing and what you get out of it

The reason why I turned to blogging and writing is simply because it is time for me to give back to society – you in particular.  For the better part of my life I was lucky enough to enjoy opportunities that opened up for me.  Sure, I was the one who grabbed them and turned them into something, but ultimately synchronicity and a lot of friends helped out by providing me with opportunities.  Now it is time for me to share my talents with you.  Inspiring and motivating you is at the top of my list.  The talents and experience came in hard lessons and those lessons taught me well:

  • Growing up in a household with two alcoholic parents taught me about how to evaluate relationships, patterns, what drives trust, and how keep an eternal optimism and enthusiasm.
  • Growing up not having a lot of money taught me being resourceful, innovative, creative and motivated.
  • Growing up in Germany taught me when and how to stand up for people that cannot fend for themselves.
  • Pondering nature provided me with an eternal awe how beautiful our little planet is and how rich we humans are.  It taught me to think about how to make life more sustainable and how to build this thinking into every day social and business life.  It is called the triple bottom line approach: People, Planet, Profits.
  • Immigrating to the United States taught me how to best appreciate freedom, free business, how serious we need to take the rights that our founders provided us with and how we owe it to ourselves to enjoy and perpetuate them.
  • Leading people taught me how to be authentic, genuine, and sincere.
  • Realizing that the only thing holding you back in life is YOU.

What you get out of following my blog and the materials I provide is inspiration to stretch yourself to be able to reach your full potential that you were blessed with right from birth.  I can help you stir up your own snow globe – all it takes for your to take it to the next level.

If you like what you see and read here, please pass it on.  Forward this mail and / or website link on to a friend.  It is my goal to help inspire over 6 million people in the next 5 years – that is about the amount of people that my LinkedIn connections connect me to at this time.


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