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Life is a marathon and not a sprint

The last few posts were laced with a few bits of humor – after all I promised that I would stir up your snow globe and let you smile when you gaze into it.  Today I would love for you to ponder how in our fast paced society and especially at work it really counts how much and fast and great stuff you can do:  Achievement.  How fast is fast enough?  Is there a score board in the sky that keeps a score: You 1 versus Others 0?  Consistency is much better than the rare moment of greatness.  A great deal of effort is devoted to achieving recognition for a job well done.  You stretch and once in a while you get recognized for something that went extremely well.  In essence though, you are running in a marathon, but you run at a pace that is equal to that of a sprinter.  You are headed for a predictable disaster.

What happens is what I would call churn and burn.  Eventually you lose interest in the job or you are otherwise totally disenchanted with your life.  You are simply too exhausted and you cannot make it to the finish line with even the most basic day-to-day business.  You are moving on to something else, or worse, you are being moved by your boss.  The trick to catching your breath again is to relax and finding your tipping point between what you want to do and not what you feel you should want.  Getting back to a state of consistent flow that gives you energy instead of draining you of it will help getting back on track.

Most important task is for you to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Focus on your strengths, build yourself up on them.  Then keep your weaknesses in check.  Next ponder what a steady pace of work looks like for you.  Make sure you allow for a little extra wiggle room for stretch goals.  Now you can participate in the marathon that is life.  You need to be able to run all day and if need be still have of a reserve in order to take a steep hill anyway.

How can you kick this up a notch?  The secret lies in using your reserves for times when you do something extra for a customer, people around you, your boss, in general just do something better or different on your own initiative.  Give it a try sometime and please drop me a mail when it happens.  It ought to feel great.


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