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Success and money are not to be pursued – attract them instead

This one is really twisted and ironic tough nut to crack for so many.  The more you feel entitled to respect, success, money, positions, status etc (can you complete this list?) the less you will get.  Conversely, the more you work on yourself, the greater the chance that you will all but automatically attract these attributes.  Biggest impact you can make is of course the workplace as far as your pay and status is concerned.

Face it, very few people truly care about you enough to either hold your hand through life or are just waiting for you to roll through the door, because you were the person they had been waiting for a long time.  Nothing is guaranteed in life and good luck if you are trying the entitlement or protecting your turf method to make it through life with more than maintaining a status quo income and status.  Key to people’s failure in reaching their full potential is simply that they are looking at others to do something for them.  Nothing is impossible, but the probability is pretty low for this to happen.

Instead, you will have to sit on the proverbial rock, gaze into the sky (or your snow globe), and heavily ponder what you can do to change your thinking:  What can I do or become and what do I have to do to get there?  Powerful questions, no doubt, but the quintessential element to your success lies indeed in only reframing the Others to I mindset and then give it no more than 9 months before some interesting changes will occur.  The moment you take active and actually pro-active charge of your life with even little things for instance at work such as figuring out a problem that was not necessarily yours to solve, but you do it anyway and without asking your boss for permission, will not go unnoticed.  In fact you will stir up the pot, sort of speak really quickly and this will feel uneasy on you as well as the people around you.  Some may actually feel threatened.  That is the zone where you want to be though.  More rewarding tasks will be heading your way .

You may say that your boss would never allow this or be the first to feel threatened.  My guess is that quite a few of you will feel this way about their bosses.  That does not change the fact or the principle of how to attract sustainable success called significance –  you have another choice to make.  You need to either choose misery and stay where you are in your comfort zone, or you need to move on and make a more drastic move and not work in such an environment anymore.  Either way, you cannot mess with your inner truth and once you have figured out how to consistently attract success and no bad boss will ever matter again.  It comes down to working on yourself and increasing your self awareness.  Sustainable results are attracted to you for the person you have become – they cannot be pursued.


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