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Kick your life and career up a notch by mental reframing

You have been blessed with the most powerful thing on Earth:  choice.    Humans are the only life form who can choose to do one thing over another.  Mental reframing is the greatest opportunity to living a better – meaning more balanced and successful – life.  It looks at a failure like it is a success not yet realized.  That may sound hokey, but really successful folks do this all the time with sustainable results and they feel better too.

What is a failure or problem to begin with?  Very few things are truly a failure, but common perception appears to be that this is something final.  Really?  Unless you are addressing an event that happened un-intentionally, then it was most likely something as parts of an implementation plan that had been executed.   If you, or someone else reviewed the results and arrived at the conclusion that it was a “failure” then this would be the review phase of this project.  Do not forget the correct phase now.  In it you assess what worked and what did not and you make corrections to make sure that the next step will address the issues and problems encountered.  In the event that you are at this stage and the next steps are being pondered then you did not encounter failure but mere successes that have just not materialized just yet.

Stop beating yourself up and look at failure more as mistakes made along the way.  Mistakes are mistakes, otherwise they would be intention.  That would be indeed a problem for anyone.  The same goes for a pattern of mistakes.  Now you may be (actually should be) on the radar of your management or people that care about you and your career.   Mistakes are the lifeblood of any entrepreneurial undertaking.  Only this way can you and the organization stay actively in the stream of revenue and sustainability.

So why do you not look at your mistake in a totally different way?  Mental reframing gives you an opportunity to feel good about yourself on one hand.  On the other hand, you will give the people around you and your management a really good impression about how you are capable of dealing with issues in a resilient manner.  Also, constructively taking what you have learned from mistakes and taking them to the next level and actively working on making this happen is a skill that is very much sought after in the job market.

Mental reframing works in many of life’s challenging situations.  Take for instance your vacation trip and perhaps your kids were with you.  At the end of the last day when the emotions of the short ones run high because they do not want to leave their paradise, they look at the event as something final, a loss, a failure.  How powerful do you think would it be to ask them to look at the good-bye more as the invitation of the region for them to come back sometime soon?

I will leave you with a mental quest:  Go and seek out the next issue that comes your way and think rationally about how to mentally reframe this situation.  How will you take the success that has not materialized yet and taking it to the next level?  Think about it, it is your choice one way or the other.


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