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Stop doing, shake your globe, ponder, dream, start reaching your full potential – live on purpose and do it with a smile!

Ralfi’s Blog will go to a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday schedule on 07/05/2012

Hi there;

Generating content that helps shaking up your snow glob is fun and there is much more in store for you.  Are you choosing success or significance?  (Click to Tweet this)

I have chosen the latter and am dedicating more time in developing the channels and structure that will help kick up my blog’s reach.  You can help by clicking on the Follow Blog button on the right of the blog post (on the web site www.ralfweiser.com) and forwarding it to friends or anything else who may need a good old justle of their snow globes.

Drop me a mail if you have anything to share about what I should do more or less of.  Am I consistent enough with the contents?  Is the format congruent with the message?  What do you feel the message is and am I delivering on that?  ralfweiser@comcast.net

I am looking forward to continue serving you well.

Have a great Holiday week,


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