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Who is the skipper of your boat? Leadership on the micro level

There is this notion from a lot of folks that leadership applies only to politics, business, your boss.  Nothing could be further from the reality.  You are a leader and everyone is a leader in so many areas of life and that means you should an active role as one.  Who else will do it for you?  No one but you. (Click to Tweet this).

There is a good reason why we say that we lead a life.  We lead ourselves and if you have a family, you certainly are a leader of a few people.  That is leadership at the micro level.  The reason I mention it is that leadership comes with fantastic rewards and of course challenges.  Positive outcome is proactive leadership at work:  You are the skipper of your boat as you are actively choosing where you will go, what you will do next, what you will stop doing etc.

Leadership is mainly serving the ones you lead and influencing others in their decision making process toward common goals that you actively help shaping.  That also means that you are taking an active role in finding your purpose and then actively leading yourself towards fulfilling it.  Is it sometime risky and will it sometimes get you out of your comfort zone?  Certainly.  Not doing anything about it will let you lead a life of regret though.  Choose wisely.


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