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Keeping the main thing the main thing

The main thing is to keep the main thing your main thing.  (Click to tweet this) 

I love Jack Palance charater’s line in the movie City Slickers:  “What is the one thing, your one thing?”  He never explained it and that is exactly the point.  It is you who needs to define what your one main thing is and then to totally, utterly nail it – every day.  That is keeping the main thing the main thing.

Is it ambiguous?  Certainly, but it goes along the way of pondering what legacy you would like to leave behind.  What is the one passion, talent, or skill set that describes you best?  I bet it is something that gives you energy and you love doing it.  You lose yourself in doing it.  I most certainly will using the many areas of strength of yours.

Do you know what this spells?  Fun, fulfillment, and ultimately also a sustainable income that is not limited upward.  Will you go start and start making a difference and actively pursuing it?  That is a choice that you will need to make.  The sooner, the better.


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