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Check your aim towards big goals with small bullets first

You have that big goal, the brilliant idea, great invention and you want to go for it big time.  Now that you know what you always wanted to do and you put all your eggs in one basket and just start hammering away at it.  Now you are using one big bullet and you are taking a shot at it – hit or miss, you are counting on hitting the target the first time.  What if you miss though?  You could lose it all because you do not have a reserve.  Sound familiar?

It is not the great idea that carries you through towards having success in business or life in general (Tweet this).  It is the execution and even more so how you home in on hitting your target and how you make sure you have enough oomph left to hit it all the way when you need it the most – at the end of this process, which marks the beginning of your success.

Therein lies the secret.  To further use this analogy, imagine you are on a ship with a main gun and you need to hit a target on land and you have a finite amount of shells and gun powder.  Would you want to use the biggest shell and all your powder right with the first shot?  Or is not better using smaller shells with as little powder until you have homed in on the target?  No trick question here.  Of course it is the latter as you can explore all the little variables that spoil any shot:  The wind, weather, distance, obstacles, the waves, etc.  There are many variables that you need to address before you get out Big Bertha.

With your own example of course you want to not obliterate anything, but you had better want to really totally crush this one.  It is your big aspirations at stake here and you do not want to take a fatalistic view on this one, trust me.  The more you know about all the little variables that stand in your way to making your dream to come to live, the greater the chance that you will actually make it.

And that is just the point.  Make sure to start delivering small pieces of your product, service or your life goals.  Get rid of more and more variables this way.  Smaller bad surprises are handled much easier than few big ones.  Save the best for last.  Under promise and over deliver and you will have made a quantum leap towards sustainability of your dreams.


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