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Working at a toxic work place

Do you know Jeff Foxworthy’s routine about “You may be a redneck if…”?  Well I kind of liked it and gave it a spin with toxic workplaces.  When you are no longer happy at your place of work – and that is true no matter where you work in the organization – you are drained of your energy and it may be time pondering if this is due to the organization or you.  Either way, you need to sit on a rock and think really hard if you can live with the status quo.  Please ponder the list below and drop me a mail at ralfweiser@comcast.net .

You may be working in a toxic work place environment if:

  1. Your boss constantly looks over your shoulder and asks about your opinions but does not do anything about it.
  2. The organization has not given raises but is buying properties, corporate jets, has big elaborate parties etc.
  3. Your manager takes your ideas and makes it look as if it they were her own.
  4. Your manager needs to be constantly called at home even when not on call for you to ask for permission to plan and execute your next steps.
  5. Management denies that there are issues and will not do anything about them.
  6. No matter how small or large the organization is, there should be job descriptions and processes that are openly developed with your input.  But there are not any.  Everything and everybody does things differently.
  7. Managers and leaders believe that command and control is an effective management strategy.  “Do as I tell you, but do not do as I do”.
  8. There is no public communication how the company is doing and how you fit into making a contribution.
  9. There is no employee recognition system.
  10. Unethical behavior of company and leadership are known about and tolerated.
  11. Criminal behavior is known about and tolerated.
  12. Employees are harassed and no one does anything about it.
  13. You are treated like a child and you have nothing but responsibilities but no authority that allows you to do anything about it.
  14. Leadership seems to value the sales and profit numbers more than the people that make it happen.
  15. More and more people leave the company and you have to do more and more for the same pay.  No rewards for the employees.
  16. Management has installed a glass ceiling and qualified internal people are not offered a career move.
  17. You were hired by a manager only and when you start working you wonder where the job is that you interviewed for.
  18. Sexual harassment is tolerated.  No comment on this one.
  19. Rules and procedures are not enforced at all or are unevenly applied.
  20. There are no performance or feedback reviews.
  21. Every year there are fewer and fewer benefits available and the work hours go up.
  22. Your leader asks for your opinion during staff meetings but you are being openly scolded for bringing issues to leadership’s attention.
  23. You are reprimanded for no apparent reason.
  24. Mistakes are openly discouraged and outright “verboten”.  No one risks anything anymore.  As a result the company has a lot of hidden issues because no one wants to fess up to making a mistake.
  25. How about mailing me your additions?

In the event that one or more of the above issues seem to apply to your working environment, I have only one recommendation:  Get out of there!  No one should ever work for nasty people (Click to tweet this) and if you are in a leadership position there:  Do something about this!  Please make good use of this opportunity to shake up your snow globe and reflect upon if and how toxic your work place is.  Take it seriously and have fun making the best decision for you.


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