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#Wrecked: First crash and burn, then rise from the ashes – strong spiritual awaking

Jeff Goins’s brand new book “Wrecked” tells the tale of what it means to first go through hardship, just to emerge much stronger than ever because of it.  His many trips to foreign, poverty stricken countries and gut wrenching visits to home- and helpless folks here in the States provide the back drop of his own spirituality.  The more you give of yourself, the more you will be given (Tweet this). 

Catch was that he needed to let go of his ego first in order to raise his self-awareness.  He pondered what compassion really means.  The translation from Latin means co-suffering.  So, this is not what we may typically picture when we hear and use the word.  He took it very literally and tried genuinely and sincerely help folks in dire straits.  He crashed and burned with the people he tried taking care of and it made him a better person.  Jeff calls this “getting wrecked”.  In the process it breaks you down and yet you not only turn out ok, but this process helps you getting propelled forward in so many different and beneficial ways.

In many ways this books connects deeply with the reader.  One particular scenario will haunt many a reader:  Questioning yourself if and when it will be you helping out when so many other people have already passed by people in desperate need of help.  They thought to themselves that someone will surely stop and help – yet they went on with their journeys without stopping.  When will you be this someone?

I do not get any kickbacks from this review.  Jeff is congruent with himself and he does his best living up to his core belief that giving away free stuff is the right thing to do.  The book may not have been free, but he has helped me out with many a tips and a free book about writing and blogging.  Time for me to give back, proving that he is indeed correct about giving.  He rocks and I recommend his book and following his Tweets and Blog.


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