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How to successfully sabotage your career

Sounds wrong, does it not? Yet the amount of employees of the American work force succeeding in sabotaging their careers by finding problems but not developing solutions every day is mind boggling.

In the event that you are not worried about job security or moving up the career ladder at all, then follow these simple and straight forward steps:

  • Do not single out a root cause for a problem.  If you cannot help yourself and you do this anyway, then tell and complain about it and make sure telling your immediate boss or even better his boss about it.
  • Do not worry or spend any energy in finding  suitable solution for this problem.
  • Do not develop one or more suitable other solutions or case scenarios either.
  • Do not prototype or experiment with the solutions that you may be able to conjure up.
  • Do not try proving that your ideas will work and beta test such that you can be 99.9% sure that the products or services actually work.
  • Do not find early possible first internal or external adopters of your solutions, products, services.
  • Do not communicate with an awful lot of folks ahead of time.  Clarity and involvement is overrated.
  • Do not collaborate with all the stake holder of this interaction or intervention.  Help and ideas, who needs them?

Of course I am being overly saracstic, but these few examples seem to be the credo that some employees have on their banner and they proudly carry it wherever they go.  Do not be surprised if your manager-leader will ignore you in the future when you do one or more or the above criteria.

Instead, do yourself a huge favor and flip the above points around.  One key item that will turn you into an invaluable asset it to identify problems and also at least two – better three – options. Think about it.  You are the only one who is the subject matter specialist in what you do.  Only you are in direct contact with the important stake holders. Your boss is typically not.  That is so powerful. Your perception is what counts.  When you put your thoughts on solving issues and you manager compiling a solution that you can totally stand behind and you can use your strengths and passion making it happen, no boss should stand in your way.  I might add that some bosses will and that may be part of their own ego flaws or sign of working for a toxic company culture. That is also good to know even if you do not get your solution approved. It lets you ponder whether or not you should stay or move on. Is that not worth it too, if you finally figure out how to make your working life less miserable? Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

Does it take time and energy to do all of this?  Sure. Will you be able to enjoy a better work life soon after implementing either new solutions or start working elsewhere? Absolutely. What are you waiting for?  Letting is go will sabotage your career and je0pardize your long term employment though. Tough choice.


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