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Here is a quick way to get negative people out of your life

This can range from people who like to gossip with you to outright nasty people that complain way too much. Problem is that they seek you out and you can seemingly not escape them. You endure the conversation, but it drags you down with it and getting back to your normal way takes some time. Time that you do not have.

There are a few negativity busters that you can use to stay positive and on task.

  1. Be positive. Fire away with your winning smiles. Nothing works better at shushing negative people away like having a great attitude and showing it off. Negativity begets negativity.
  2. Engage in humor. A good laugh will send negative folks scurrying to their deep and dark caves.
  3. Be efficient. If it is really important than this can be scheduled for another time when it is more convenient for you. Saying something like this can be highly effective: “Listen, this sounds like it is really important to you. Should I schedule a meeting to discuss this further with you?”
  4. Walk away. Yes, it is that simple. This has nothing to do with you being rude. Was the other person not rude first by raping your ears with things that do not add value, or worse were offensive or outright nasty? Simple excuse yourself and start walking.
  5. Associate with nice people. Duh, you say? Of course it should be self-explanatory, but often we cannot see the trees before the woods. Seek out nice people and hang out with them.
  6. Show off some candor. When folks stop by often and you never say a word to them about how you dislike what they do, well, that is YOUR own fault. At times other people can just not read your silent clues. In most instances all it takes is your candid feedback and the “stalking” can stop right after providing your sincerely meant thought on the matter.

Negativity is not sustainable as it has its origin in hatred, envy, jealousy, and a lack of emotional intelligence (self-awareness). It tries to exclude people and thrive on people’s differences. The antidote is love, laughter, optimism, etc as it founded in inclusion. It is not better leading a well-balanced life where you are part of something bigger, self-sustaining and thus something positive? Start with reflecting upon your own view and then make a difference as soon as you can. Stay happy my friends.


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