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The secret of coincidence

Was it coincidence that nature allowed stalagmites to form here?

There is no coincidence. Take for instance how we meet people. There is no such thing as coincidently meeting people. I see a division between three main reasons it may be intentional:

  1. It is a test. The encounter is supposed to test you. Do you have core values that will sustain you? Are you true to yourself? Will you be able to show compassion and empathy no matter what? Will you be able to separate between an emotional versus rational response? Do you have perseverance that allows you to make it through this experience? The encounter is there to test you to the core. It allows you to grow with it and deepen your connection with your core values.
  1. It is punishment. It’s probably more accurately to use teaching here. The encounter is supposed to teach you a lesson. You’ve got to open your eyes and mind allowing for that to happen. The encounter will teach you a lesson that you now will definitely not forget. Be thankful for it anyway.
  1. It is a gift from fate. The encounter is a blessing and enriches you beyond belief. No need to be afraid to take the time enjoying yourself. Take it for what it is – a present. Along your journey you have earned this encounter. Make it count and sustain this relationship.

Be thankful and grateful for any of the three different types of encounters. On one hand embrace the negative ones as they will help stretch you. They will propel you to new heights. Embrace the positive ones just the same and take them for what they are –  a blessing. Enjoy them genuinely and try not to read into them too much. All of them happen for a reason and thus they are not coincidence; they are all part of your very personal version of synchronicity.


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