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What is the secret of life?

Jamestown, VA. America’s first colonial settlement. What was the secret of life back then? Is it really different from today? Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

The secret of life comes down to making the one thing the main thing (Click to tweet this). What is this one thing? That’s for you to figure out. It’s not only one famous line from the movie City Slickers, but it captures the quint essence of this question.

How do you find out about what your one thing is? Pick a time and date where you have a chance to have complete solitude. Only bring a note book and pencil and perhaps your iPod loaded with cool classical music like Mozart. Then think about what thoughts and activities bring you the most joy. What gets you into a state of flow? What provides you with energy? Journal your thoughts and revisit frequently.

Do not confuse your current skill sets and experience with what and who you ought to be. You may have been pushed off course by getting promoted for doing a lot of things well. Your one thing though describes a state of Being, not Doing.  A happier and more fulfilling life will ensue once there is congruence between who you are and what you do.

So what is your one thing? Know it well and follow it without compromise.


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