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What are the most precious moments of your life?

Max’s new school intro that he wrote for his class mates and the teacher. Photo credit: Dale Weiser 

How about kids? Little ones provide us with the biggest presents (Tweet this). No matter if you have some of your own, or you know them from family and friends, I bet you either teared up or laughed at some of the stuff they can come with.

The two photos in this post shows my son’s examples how he has managed to take our breath away.

Why do they manage to provide us with such precious moments? Please find below 8 good reasons.

  1. Most of their actions are unprovoked. They happen in the spur of the moment.
  2. They want to please their best friends – yes, you too.
  3. Their actions are sincere. They are so young that their thoughts have not been tainted yet by adult type thoughts.
  4. They have no hidden agenda. They are just departing on their life’s journey.
  5. Their minds know no limits. Only as they grow older and they bump into their physical and psychological boundaries. The will be more careful.
  6. They are your mirror. Well, you had something to do with them. No wonder that they look like you and also behave like you. It’s mesmerizing and scary at the same time.
  7. They look at things that you have not looked at in a while. The older you get, the less you truly observe life’s little nuances. They are the spice of life though.
  8. They give you a sense of discovery. They are at the beginning of figuring things out. Remember how you wanted to explore the world or space?

Next time you are around children take a really close look what and how they do things. They will provide a smorgasbord of opportunities and breath taking moments. Do not let them go to waste. Enjoy them to the fullest and share them with family and friends.


Max’s top things to do with dad. Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

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