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What is the most overlooked part of freedom?

The strange thing is that you need boundaries in order to have freedom (Tweet this). In fact, you will trade one form of rules and regulations with another form that will be new to you.

Hang in there for a minute with me. If you are part of more than 75% of working folks who are unhappy with their career, some of the unhappiness stems from not being able to have freedom to make decisions. You may even have pondered starting your own business just to get away from bosses telling you what to do.

Escaping these boundaries is not limited to the work life. Take another look around you. Bikers may want to escape their basic work and social lives and seek the security of a bike club. Gangs offer the same freedom to like-minded folks who want to get out of the rut of school or away from their parents. Remember the 70’s and 80’s when a lot of folks wanted to get out of the run of the mill society and formed their own small groups (and sometimes really huge groups)?

Commonality is that you want to get away from the shackles that other people or entities put on you. Here comes the hook: You may get away from it, but you are now bound by new rules.

Take for instance the biker scene. Just recently the biker scene was portrayed in yet another reality TV series following a bike club and its members. It was amazing to see that the bike club had an almost military style hierarchy and rules ranging from how members were to dress and what areas to safely travel within. And yes, there was even a probation time for newbies. Sound familiar?

Now reflect back on work. You may hop scotch to another job. Perhaps turning to entrepreneurship is your calling. Rest assure that anything you do may not have the same rules where you came from, but it will surely come with new boundaries. Make sure that you know what you want to get away from, and what you definitely want to enjoy in your next career move.

Realize that the new rules serve a role of greater importance. Like minded groups provide you with dependable outcome, a sense of belonging, protection from outside influences, and mutual trust – they do come with an invisible border surrounding it though.


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