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Who was the monster? Frankenstein or his creature?

Even though the story is fictional, it bears resemblance to many other situations and people in real life.

On one side you had the creature assembled from parts doing all sorts of nasty and evil things. It was nasty looking and seemed to have no soul that could go to waste. It was objectionable and abominable through and through.

Compare this with the Doctor – his creator. Schooled and trained he should have known better. Shouldn’t he? Society had no clue as his public demeanor and behavior flew under the radar. Only at night the true identity of him came out. Where was his self-awareness and consciousness?

Who was the true monster here?

It reminds me of an event when I was around 12 years old and my dad made me lie to the police. He had been too drunk to remember where he left his bike after partying hard and he certainly did not use a lock like he later claimed at the police station when he reported it stolen. The cycle had been gone for 6 weeks before I stumbled upon a boy who was using it in the neighboring village. The teen that had “found” the bicycle and had used it since. We called in the police to get our bike back.

When my father had reported the bike stolen it was important to the insurance that the  bike had been locked – otherwise he would not have been able to get the replacement money. Dad had me explain to the investigating officer that I had witnessed dad locking the bike.  I just felt terrible about lying. It just did not feel right, but I was more terrified of my dad than the police and that is why I played my part here. It was even more awkward to find the lock intact after the bike had been found. How could the boy have taken the bike without busting the lock off the bike? I seem to remember that my father then fabricated another lie about me having misunderstood and miscommunicated the whole story. Yuk! One lie after the other. That is how moral dilemmas can get started. I know that this story influenced me for the rest of my life. I wanted to never, ever be part of something this nasty again.

Who was the “monster” here? My dad, the boy who took the bike or I? Or perhaps everybody?

My call to action for you is to think about how easy it is to get jammed into situations like this. Do not forget that you are watched closely by people (especially little ones). You may be their hero and they look up to you. What kind of an example do you want to set? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Make the best choice and do not become the one who initiates bad choices. Lies have short legs; they do not carry you far and you can trip and fall easily.


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