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How do you find your purpose and happiness in life?

One or the other question may have been on your mind at one point in time or another. Perhaps a little help from famous movie actors can help here.

Some actors seem to really be able to nail a character right on. They are so believable that it is hard to imagine later that anyone else would have been able to play the role so well. So how do they do this?

I have heard one actor mention that he gets into character best when he asks himself two open ended questions:

  • What is her/ his greatest hope?
  • What is her/ his greatest fear?

The answers really help define the person that they are supposed to play. Great follow up questions could be why the person is hoping or fearing that.

Your hopes and fears define you more than you may think now. Give it a try and have paper and pencil handy.

  • What is my greatest hope?
  • What is my greatest fear?

Happiness lurks around the corner when you know now what you would like to pursue and what you would like to avoid. Knowing what you want to pursue is also linked to who you are and what your purpose in life is. Happy pondering!


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