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What happens when we decide not to like someone?

Problem is that you may tune everything he/ she is saying out. In fact, you may completely disregard them altogether. Nothing and no one is universally good or bad though. This can lead to you missing some really good information.

At a recent social event with a keynote speaker that I am not a particular fan of, I noticed that I had a hard time to keep focused on what she was saying. I could not remember much of her speech afterwards. It was not until another occasion where she spoke and I was in the audience again. I recognized that I was about to commit another fallacy: Just because you do not particularly care for a person does not mean that they do not speak the truth. In the last instance I needed some outright foot-in-mouth-surgery afterwards because she had been making some really valid points. Now I was paying attention. I was humbled by the experience.

Later I flipped the situation around and thought about how this principle affects me. It was a sobering experience to think about how other people tune me out too just because the impression that they have of me in their heads.

First impressions for instance are very hard to overcome. You get to make a first impression only once with everyone though. It is tough to come back from that one. What we say, wear, drive, how we are groomed and how we smell makes a long lasting impression. Our demeanor and how genuine and sincere we listen to others and how we treat others speaks volumes to our audience. That is all they have and they use it to judge us.

Next time you decide – yes, you do decide this – that you do not like someone make at least certain that you still keep your reception channels open. Just because you do not like someone does not mean that they do not provide honest and true information.


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