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What do I want to retire to?

What do I want to retire to? 

Have you pondered what you will do when your retirement age rolls around? For some it is golfing that they want to do every day. Others picture days spent at the beach with plenty of cash in the bank and having a residence somewhere in the tropical islands. Really? I venture saying that this is going to get old really quick. Your brain and body will not handle the idle mode very well. The one who rests, rusts (Tweet this).

Most of us will not even have the funds to have this much financial freedom to begin with. Nothing is more frustrating than when you have reached retirement age and your dream is turning to a nightmare because there is no way that your dreams will come true.

Worse is the impact of your mind sitting idle. Perhaps you know folks too that barely made it through a year, perhaps five, before they died. Do not let this happen to you.

The last two decades have burnt huge holes into people’s retirement funds and equities. Plan you needed cash as early in life as possible. The older you are, the more conservative you should be with your investments.

Stay mentally and physically fit. Pick out a hobby that lets you hang out with more folks. Seek community. Do things for the community. What a great time to give back to society. Help young folks benefit from your wealth of knowledge; you benefit from them letting you stay young – even if it is only your mind. Move around and never sit idle.

What are you going to retire to?


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