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Book review: “Honest Wrestling: Questions of Faith when Attacked by Life”

A powerful story connecting a family’s struggle with faith

From time to time I am doing book reviews and I hope you will enjoy this one,  “Honest Wresting” by K. Howard Joslin.

This is a really powerful story about a family that goes through the terrible highs and lows of life. The author weaves his own and his family’s faith into the sequence of events by using the e-mail correspondence used at the time of deep struggle. Intersected were sections of relevant bible sections.

It makes for a quirky writing style. Sometimes it managed to disconnect me from the possible lessons that could be learned from his wife going through every gut and soul wrenching sequence of the long goodbye that is cancer. Otherwise the story is compelling and tugging at your heart strings.

The author portrays his job losses, questions of personal faith and calling, losing his beloved wife to cancer and having suffered a heart attack in the midst of it. Wow. Life does script some unbelievable stories sometimes.

The story is a great one of how faith and prayer can make a huge difference in the lives of the ones who suffer the most just as well as the ones that must stand back as almost helpless innocent bystanders. He highlights the hope roller coaster. Time goes fast, then slows down to a snail pace, and then at the end it just quietly slips away at break neck speed. Kudos to the author for putting his life out for everyone to read about. Living through it once must have been painful; I cannot imagine writing about it and then being able to read it over and over again.

Plus is the autobiographical story and comparing and contrasting Bible text; only minus is that between the real life mails and the bible texts the reader often must make the mental connection by himself.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon. A word on my own policy for any of my posts: I do not get any financial gain from any of the links that I include; just in case you were wondering.

Remember, readers are leaders, and leaders are readers. Make it a goal to read a book a week (even if it is a book a month). Cannot read fast enough? Try EyeQadvantage.com for an online speadreading and comprehension class. The demo version let me improve my reading speed from 540 words per minute to more than 800. Powerful program.



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