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Did Halloween get hijacked by Bah-Humbugs?

Did Halloween get hijacked by Bah-Humbugs?  

I am not sure what was in the air on Halloween, but whatever it was it certainly stirred my snow globe a bit. It ranged from peculiar to outright violent. When you went through your neighborhood have you noticed how ignorant, intolerant, tense and intense some folks were?

No worries, I have not subscribed to the dark force to complain and whine. This post is there for you to smile and ponder how we can all do better next time.

Let me see if this sounds familiar to you at all:

  1. Nobody home. Well, a whole bunch of folks were home but chose to not hand out candy. Were there more than ever dark porches? Even if scrooge is home, at least make sure that all lights are off downstairs. The children do appreciate it when they wait around and time and again no one opens.
  2. Candy tourism. Folks appeared to have traveled from other villages and perhaps even the local town to roll in and trick and treat. That is one thing if you at least know folks there, but outright candy tourism is another thing, right? No biggie, but using your mini van or SUV to drive from one house to another, is that really necessary?
  3. Indy 500. Why does it seem like car drivers speed up through neighborhoods when the trick-or-treaters are out. What may the rush be?
  4. Teenage dream. When you are taller and bigger than the people who hand you the candy, should this not be a sign that perhaps you ought to leave the candy to the children who take dressing up for the occasion much more serious than you? Older teenagers going trick-or-treating just looks and feels odd.
  5. Walk? Nah. What do we need legs and feet for anyway? Let’s take the lawn tractor or perhaps the John Deere Gator to drive the kids around. This one is actually ranking pretty high on the creativity scale when kicked up with a straw bale placed in the trailer or cargo bed area. You can get a late fall “hayride” in while you collect candy. Pretty soon we will take a Segway for going from the living room to the bathroom. Sorry for pegging the sarcasm meter, but I could not help it.
  6. Adult sippy cups. Not really. Did you happen to notice the adult beverages hidden away in koozies parked on the strollers? Chalk this one also up for top creativity.
  7. Parking wars. Some streets are so tight that visiting your friend’s neighborhood may just turn into the shouting match. Good grief. It is only one night per year when this actually can become an issue. Take a deep breath and do not engage irate people. Refuse to fight a battle of wits with unarmed people.
  8. Smart phone can be dumb sometimes. That is particularly true when people check it while trick-or-treating and thus bump into children and their event chaperons.

Can we all please make the effort to get along better next time? In reality you will still not be able to change nasty or ignorant people. The most important thing to do is always to start with yourself. Do not engage in the things that irritate you. Then never take on people that cannot behave even on a good day. It is not worth getting hurt over these incidents. Rest in comfort that behavior like this is not long term sustainable. Always look forward to the next Halloween. Children are doing that rather well; let’s learn from them.

Do you have stories to share too of when things went a little off course? How about ones that went very well?


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