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There is no reward in peeling an onion

There is no reward in peeling an onion 

Peeling an onion is the analogy for trying to get to the inner core of things. Sometimes people use it when they want to describe getting to their inner drive, their purpose. I know I have used it many times before. Very recently I overheard a presenter assert that there is no reward in peeling an onion.

She was so correct in saying it. There is nothing to an onion. It smells and the juices make you tear up. When you get to the center you still only face part of an onion. There is nothing but more onion guts when you get to the core.

How about getting to the heart of an artichoke? That makes so much more sense. Getting to the good stuff is hard – just like life. The veggie is prickly and can hurt you if you are not careful. Once you get the leaves off you still need to invest a lot more work and without lengthy cooking and coaxing you will not be able to enjoy the fruit of your work – just like real life stuff, correct?

Getting to the heart of an artichoke is tough and arduous. At the end you get to enjoy these little morsels that are tender only if you cook them well. Love this analogy a lot better than peeling the onion, and I will start using it right away. Got your snow globe stirred a little? I sure hope so.


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