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Why do people and companies try to protect their turf? Good luck with that

Why do people and companies try to protect their turf? Good luck with that 

Patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc are supposed to protect their owners from other folks stealing their ideas and profiting from it. The idea is great, but it comes with a huge penalty: This protectionism can also bread entitlement and complacency.

You can see this happening on a really big scale with drugs that come off patent protecting and will go generic. The price drops like a rock and the company had better developed a new drug that can fill the financial void that can make up for it.

Books, newspapers, video, and music have fallen out of their protected sky when social media and the Internet took them over in a storm. Meanwhile many of the industry insiders sought protection by the law in trying to keep market share.

Remember Blockbuster, Circuit City, Borders, IBM (in the eighties), and just about any given local or national newspaper? They all thought that they had good ideas and the market place should adjust according to their plans and needs. Fighting the mean stream of where business and consumers want to go will turn you into a new age version of Don Quixote – you had better get out and try finding better windmills to fight elsewhere.

Bad news for them is that no one can protect something that is artificially kept alive. The phenomenon scales down to companies, departments and even single people. If a manager tries to artificially hang on to “power” it will turn into a long term unsustainable condition: Health of people and the company will be affected.

Beware of folks and companies that cling to their idea of power and entitlement. Stick with people and brands that do not feel threatened by new ideas and business / power concepts. Revel in those who instead see an opportunity in every threat. Those are the folks you want to associate with and buy from.


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