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16 quick must-know refresher facts about the up- and downward trust spiral

16 quick must-know refresher facts about the up- and downward trust spiral 

As with so many different things in life, trust is a strange and at times very elusive friend of ours. Trust is a matter of how you are being perceived by others. You sit on a vertical spiral and you move between trust and distrust within a split second.

The downward spiral of trust has a lot fewer stages. The nasty thing about it is that you move through it at rapid speed.

  1. It starts with self-doubt.
  2. Incongruence follows.
  3. Lies designed to cover it up may make it even worse.
  4. People around you start scratching at more details and then dig deeper.
  5. More doubt and incongruence starts to emerge.
  6. People start intervening more and more.

The upward spiral takes so much longer and has more intermediate steps. Perhaps that explains why some people take the shorter route, trip up and tumble down the downward spiral. Fact is that you have to invest a lot more energy and touch many folks in a congruent fashion in order to leave a solid perception of being a trustworthy person.

Please find below the 10 main ways to gain and retain trust of the people that mean the most to you.

  1. You assert what you will do.
  2. You do what you say.
  3. You do not gossip and put other people down. A word said in confidence stays with you – period.
  4. You do not abuse what you know about situations and others to benefit yourself.
  5. You have found your “why”. You live purposeful every day.
  6. You deliver results. At a minimum, you develop options and possible solutions to problems.
  7. You listen and do not judge.
  8. You make fair conclusions and make decisions based on them.
  9. You reach out for feedback and correct decisions based on it.
  10. You influence people with a smorgasbord of facts – they reach conclusions on their own.

What will your choice be? Main point of this exercise is for you to ponder if and how people perceive you as a trustworthy person. Trust is the glue that keeps humanity together. People only collaborate and do business with folks whom they trust. Great news is that it does not matter where you are positioned on the trust spiral – it is totally up to you and you can make it to the top. It is only your choice that makes the difference.


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